Learning Disabilities Services

Our nurses are trained to understand communication needs, autistic spectrum disorders, physical disabilities and sensory impairment, caring for and supporting people of all ages with learning disabilities. We ensure the nurses are trained and have experience in managing, behaviour that sometimes is challenging.

Our goal is to help families and local care commissioners to keep people with learning disabilities safely at home in a loving, nurturing environment.

Caring for someone with learning difficulties can lead to family members and other informal carers themselves becoming physically or mentally ill, putting a further strain on families as well as the NHS and social services. We believe people should be treated with dignity and respect. Care and support should be personalised, enabling the person to achieve their hopes, goals and aspirations; it should be
about maximising the person’s quality of life.

Skills Set of our Specialist Nurses Include:

- Assessing and planning care requirements
- Assisting with living skills and developing personalised daily activities
- Trained to deliver proactive strategies to reduce the risk of behaviour that challenges
- Helping to enable the client to have a full and independent life
- Excellent interpersonal skills
- Care compassion and empathy with patients
- High-quality communication skills
- Resilience, stamina and patience
- Strategies designed to calm and divert the person if they show early signs of distress

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